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Photographer Gian Sapienza has spent decades traveling the quiet back roads of the Western United States in search of unique Western imagery as well as offering full, professional, photographic services to the greater Las Vegas area and Southwestern United States.  Gian's publishing credits range from Getty Images iStock and National Geographic on-line to countless international publications.

The Photographer: Gian Flavellus Sapienza was born in Madison Wisconsin. As a teenager, Gian moved West and quickly fell inspired by the grand open spaces and soaring heights of the Western Range. The son of an Artist and a Historian, Gian's interest in the past was instilled in him early in life by his parents and the many cultural trips they enjoyed.

With such a penchant for the past, classic film photography and preserving "the way it was", was a convenient and creative way to further Gian's philosophy and understanding of the human condition. As progress has no patience, Gian set out to capture on film, the last remaining wild spaces of the West.

Driven by perfection and motivated by self, the writings of Thoreau, Frost and even Bierce, Gian found his passion in photography and to this day feels his purpose is to capture lasting images for others to enjoy.


"I have always been moved by the power of nature; it soothes our everyday worries and knows no petty grievance".

​~ Gian Sapienza


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