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That's right, you need to shoot film!!  At least some of the time.  Digital is of course not dead nor is it even breathing heavy at this point and digital is the new guard. "Film" however, is the underpinning of photography, our creative canvas, the holder of memories...we need to remember and continue to practice the methods of the past to ensure that the future of photography does not stray too far from it's origins.

While film suffers from the inconvenience of not being a medium that easily imports into the digital world and the fact that not many labs still process E-6, there are still some reasons to shoot film from time to time. This isn't a debate about which is better CD's or is today, exceptional and effective, but tomorrow may once again be owned by film..are YOU ready?



  1. To have a tactile and better understanding of exposure and be able to judge the recordable range of a scene more effectively. Your digital camera's programmed metering can't make all decisions correctly and film has different exposure latitudes compared to digital. Understanding films exposure ability helps you make better decisions when in the digital domain.

  1. It forces you to slow down and be more deliberate about your shot. Digital is a fast process and you can shoot without even thinking about the scene or exposure since there is no extra cost per shot. Quality medium-format Velvia transparencies run about $3.00 per frame between film and processing cost. You will also be more selective about what you consider to be a “great” shot. By the time you get your film back, you have erased the associated emotions you created or attached to a specific shot.

  1. There is just something satisfying about shooting film. The process, the loading, the winding, the handling and freezing of the film, the consideration of what you can post-process etc. Even the snap of the the mirror feels substantial and “beefy” when using film.

  1. The beautiful giant transparencies that “pop” on the light table or light box. Nothing compares to looking at positive film with a loupe. Prints don't count, that's not professional film, the lab determines the exposure when shooting print film, you must shoot transparency film to have total control of your image. Getting into taking these amazing giant images is also a lot cheaper than buying a top quality digital rig.

  1. The tight smooth grain and color of film. Digital is still missing the depth that film has always possessed. While digital is far more efficient and top digital cameras are producing amazing images. Film has a certain feel and depth that is missing in digital.


Get back to your roots, stop playing the part of “digital puppet” and get out there and compose your shot. Make it count, make it real and don't wait for Light Room to save your ass when you missed in the field. Test your ability and nail exposure the first time! When you can nail 10 out of 10 exposures on a roll of 120 then you know you are in control.


Erin t.(non-registered)
Very thought provoking. Maybe I'll purchase some film before my next trip out. If I can find my old camera...
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