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1.  TRIPOD-No nature image worth its salt was shot hand held at 1/10 @ f18.

2.  NEUTRAL DENSITY FILTERS - Day hikes are usually during harsh high afternoon light, so when you come across that stream or over-lit peak, you will be glad you have a 4X or 8X ND with you.

3.  BACK-UP MEMORY CARDS - There is nothing worse than hiking four miles through the bush to realize you only have an 8GB card with you.

4.  RAIN GEAR FOR YOUR EQUIPMENT AND YOU - Weather changes quickly in the high country or desert so protect your gear and yourself.

5.  FLASHLIGHTS AND FIRE STARTER - You will always need a couple types of flashlights or headlamps as the late afternoon light fades and you must always be prepared to get stuck…so have a fire starter!

6.  WATER - Hydrate before you leave your truck and stay hydrated on the hike!

7.  SUN SHIELDS - For your head, always have a great hat and for your ability to see through the viewfinder or being able to see the LCD screen you should carry a black piece of fabric to put over your head and camera to block out the light.

8. COMPASS, GPS OR LOCATOR BEACON SYSTEM (PLB) - Never leave the car without your orienteering compass, GPS or PLB…but remember, GPS is not fail-safe, so you need to know how to use one before its critical.

9.  MAP - Just like a GPS or Compass, never head into the back country without a map…even a simple park service entrance map is better than no map.

10.  CELLPHONE & TWO-WAY RADIOS - It’s always a good last resort even when out of cell range; you would be surprised where you can receive cell signal sometimes.  You should always carry your two-way radios as well so you don’t get separated from your partner or party.


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