Images within are shot on a variety of different film formats. Since each format of film has its own inherent size or "aspect ratio", each format will have the same aspect ratio when enlarged to maintain its original compositional integrity.  Cropping will of course alter the original composition.


~35MM film and full frame FX digital images have a native aspect ratio of 3:2

~Medium format images have a native aspect ratio of 6:7


The images within are shot using a "purist" technique; meaning that the original composition was framed by the photographer to create a specific feel or mood where after processing, little or no cropping would be expected.

Due to existing print paper sizes and native image aspect ratios some images will have slight cropping depending on the print size selected.  The check-out process will automatically crop your selection to the "best fit" of the image based on the papers print size.  Do understand that it will not always be possible to preserve the original "full frame" of every image once cropped.  What you see on the screen is the original full-size image regardless of aspect ratio or print size.  Once print paper is introduced is when cropping can occur.IMAGE CROPPING AND PRINT PAPER SIZES

As a guideline, 35MM images will lose approximately 1/6 of their original composition if printed on "standard" paper sizes of 8X10 or 16X20.

  • If the image was shot "full frame" on 35MM film or full frame digital FX format, then the following "unusual" print sizes will accommodate the original composition best with little to no cropping.  All other sizes will result in noticeable cropping.

        Non-standard print paper, matte and frame sizes:  8x12, 10x15, 12x18, 14x21, 16x24, 18x27, 20x30

  • 35mm film images will begin to lose their sharpness when enlarged beyond 16x24. For images with sharper detail and finer grain in print form greater than 16x24, select an image natively shot on medium format film or digital.

  • Images shot on medium format 6X7 film will enlarge with less, loss of original composition when printed on common paper sizes.  There will still be conditions where medium format images will lose parts of the image when enlarged.  Below are the sizes that medium format 6:7 or 8:10 images will fit more ideally.

        Common print paper, matte and frame sizes:  5X7, 8x10, 11x14 or 16x20.AT IF I DON'T ORDER A MATTE OR FRAME WITH MY PRINT?

You should consider framing options when deciding on your print.  Not all print paper sizes are easily available in frame sizes.  Frame and matte options are available for purchase during check-out.

If you choose to frame your print yourself, custom matting may be necessary with some image sizes in order to cover the white borders created during auto cropping, or if the image is of a non-standard size.  This will result in the need to purchase a larger custom cut matte to fit a standard and now larger "off-the-shelf" frame size.  Most art, hobby or craft stores can cut custom mattes for their customers.  Or you can seek both, custom mattes and frames for a specific need.

Again, these are only guidelines.  Please feel free to order any print size available with the understanding that there will be times that an image will lose its original composition and special frame and matte sizes will be required. guarantees your purchased print against defect as well as your print being delivered damaged from the shipping process.  If you have any defect or damage to your print when you receive it, contact us within 30-days and we will replace your print free of charge. (Excludes not liking your personal cropping decisions during check-out)